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Madison Road Veterinary Clinic

Macaroni a.k.a "Mac" a.k.a "Noodle" joined our clinic in 2013. He was a stray/barn cat that we took in to neuter and find a new home. He had some complications following his surgery (he licked himself too much and got infected) requiring him to stay with us a little longer than intended and he never left.


Mac has no formal education but is naturally gifted at his position of "greeter". He is not afraid of dogs, loves children, and loves to pester our clients as they attempt to write checks. Macaroni has been known to eat ANYTHING including French fries, tortilla chips, egg rolls, and Dr. Ray's sandwhich (when he isn't looking).


Mac's favorite past times are eating, sleeping, scratching Dr. Ray's chair, chasing the laser pointer, showing off new bandana styles and jumping from one counter to the next.