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Madison Road Veterinary Clinic

Savannah Lauer, DVM


Dr. Lauer joined us at Madison Road in May 2017 after graduating from UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. She grew up in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois so she is very familiar with the area!

Dr. Lauer currently lives in South Beloit with her husband Gregory who is retired from the Army and is now in the National Guard. They share their home with their boys (Demitri and Oliver), 5 feline friends, a turtle, an anole, an albino Nelson's milksnake, and many birds (ranging in size from finches to macaws)! She has a special interest in feline medicine/surgery and also in avian/exotic pets and is ready and willing to take care of your birds, reptiles and pocket pets!

In her free time, Dr. Lauer enjoys hand-rearing birds, playing video games with her hubby, and hiking/biking/trail walking.